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Thank you for choosing MedPRO. If you have a question or concern, To reach your local representative, please call (559) 450-5278
Effective January 1, 2023 Central Valley Medical Providers will be managed by MedPoint Management for Health Net, Blue Shield, Anthem and Brand New Day (Bright Health) members. Conifer will continue to manage the Humana membership for Central Valley Medical Providers until further notice. 

Member Services - Blue Shield, Health Net, Anthem Blue Cross, Brand New Day

(866) 423-0060

Member Services - Humana

(818) 461-5055

Network Development/Contracting:

(559) 450-5278
Register for MedPoint's Provider Portal: https://portal.medpointmanagement.com and establish electronic submission with Office Ally 866-575-4120 Payor Identifier: MPM59

Claims Billing Addresses  

Humana Claims           PO Box 261040  Encino, CA 91426        888-445-0062

All Other Claims CVMedPRO          c/oMedPoint                     PO Box 7020-17         Tarzana, CA 91357        888-784-0476